Reading this weekend about the latest Scandi thriller, which is set in Svalbard, reminded me that I never shared my sister’s blog. A, who you may remember guest posting about her baby last year, spent… View Post

I’ve always been a renter. For the past decade, I’ve liked the convenience. Recently, though, I’ve started to wonder whether we might need to buy somewhere. Pip is nearly 3 and it is starting to… View Post

Have you ever had to deal with a choking baby? St John Ambulance has revealed today that four-fifths of parents (79%) wouldn’t know the correct technique for saving their baby from choking despite it being a major fear (58%) and 40% having witnessed it. Last week, they invited me to watch their new campaign, which includes a star-studded animated advert that teaches everyone what to do if a baby starts to choke. St John Ambulance is asking people to share the film online widely with their friends and family so that as many people as possible can learn to save a life. Also, win a First Aid manual and First Aid kit.… View Post

Continuing a sporadic series (looks like I can only manage the odd years… 13 for 2013 and 11 for 2011 is here) of New Year posting. New Year for me is not only a new calendar year,… View Post