Marto arrived back last night. I did think all would go quiet round here for a couple of days, but sadly, his work doesn’t stop. so, whilst he was working and Pip slept this morning,… View Post

*a portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013* Daddy has been away this past week, in NYC and latterly in LA and Napa. so when when we went to the shopping… View Post

morning! hope you had a lovely weekend. we’ve been pretty much snowed in all weekend which was lovely and restful but I was also glad to get out today. if you’re interested, I’m over at… View Post

it seems like Pip has grown up enormously in the last month; heck, even in the last week she’s made huge steps (and not just up stairs). Pip and I have spent the past few… View Post

I know a few readers are quite pregnant and I noticed that a few people had been reading my post this time last year about what I had packed in my hospital bag, but what… View Post