it’s a funny old thing, isn’t it, motherhood. you spend so many years trying to prevent it, another period of time desperately longing for it, and then six months after actually giving birth, you are… View Post

where, oh where, has this term gone? half term already. what with the blog’s server being hacked and having to go offline for a bit, and in the re-hosting, i have attempted a bit of… View Post

{first of all, hello to any new readers  – and thanks to Zehra for the mention – it’s always lovely to hear from readers, especially ones who’ve found my ramblings useful} how has another week… View Post

.Pip and I went to see Grannie & Grandpa whilst her Daddy went away on a stag do. I took the opportunity to borrow their fancy camera and practice taking photos. .Pip continued her eating… View Post