This week (24-30 June 2012) is national breastfeeding awareness week. To mark this, I thought I’d share some of my experiences of breastfeeding with you. I’m really aware that a lot of people struggle withbreastfeeding,… View Post

Update: congratulations to the winners: Pigwotflies, Emma, Anne & Our Day By Design. You will be contacted by email shortly. X   I’m really sorry. I naively assumed that any holiday cottage would have wifi… View Post

January 14: I register her birth, which is to say, somebody writes it on paper. My face is a cave. We walk round town but nowhere’s open. She hangs from me, small weight. I’m meat, heavier than… View Post

    At 6 weeks, Pip has moved out of her basket into her big girl cot. We had to rearrange our bedroom to get the cot in as she is still too little to… View Post