We spent the weekend packing, with the assistance of my Mum and Dad. Before he left, I asked my Dad to take some photos of me with their actual camera rather than my phone. Here’s… View Post

Had my last midwife appointment in Somerset before the big move to London next weekend. I have self referred to the new hospital and get to have a new bookings appointment and scan at 33… View Post

I wonder whether the 200 extra calories I’m supposed to be eating every day counts when it’s counted out in mini eggs. Still, Pip doesn’t seem to mind. He’s growing fast. I can’t even see… View Post

just how many baby towels and muslin squares do I need to get? the last baby list I looked at said 4 towels. Is that necessary? It was unspecific on the question of number of… View Post

Technically less than 10 weeks to go now. And, in the last couple of days, my body feels like it’s grown a lot again. Especially when I’m tired or stressed, I feel quite uncomfortable and… View Post