Last night I began sorting my clothes. More specifically, with both 20 working days until I stop working and until we move house, I wanted to pack away into storage boxes some of the items… View Post

Countdown to the finish starts now. Third trimester. 12 weeks to EDD. 4 weeks until maternity leave. Fuck, where did the time go? View Post

Little Pip is eating me out of house and home already and he’s not even here yet. Never in my life have I been so constantly hungry. I have my first breakfast of porridge fortified… View Post

My sisters and sister-in-law are organising my baby shower in 7 weeks time. I decided on the theme and provided a list of names and contact details (which I have to keep updating as my… View Post

Me (reading aloud from app on phone): “For Dad. Bottle or Breast…If you have reservations about breastfeeding (some men worry about the idea of their partner exposing her breast in public, others worry about their… View Post