After yesterday’s worrying, Pip reassured us both that indeed not only is he still in my tummy, but he’s ok and growing by giving three good kicks that could not only be felt on the… View Post

Last night I had the saddest dream. It was like a mash up song, switching between people I knew who (as far as I know) are not pregnant, and each of them lost their babies… View Post

This week I am fairly sure that I’ve started to feel Pip moving. Not just a bit of shifting around although there has been some of that, but some proper little kicks. Especially when I’m… View Post

This past weekend we went to stay with our dear friends the Subrosas. Whilst we were there, Cate gave an amazing demonstration of the washable nappies that she used along with the wipes and the… View Post

18 week midwife appointment this morning. I heard Pip’s heartbeat and even heard him kick. The midwife showed me where he is and where my uterus is and confirmed all is well. And that the… View Post