14 weeks & 6 days

Pip rolled over.

We were staying with friends for the weekend and Marto was on the golf course first thing in the morning. I took Pip into the bathroom whilst I had a shower, laying her down on the bathmat. She was playing with her Freddie firefly, happily waving her legs in the air whilst I watched her through the glass. After I got out the shower and was pottering around applying make up and so on, Pip rolled from her front to her back.

She’s now 16 weeks and has repeated the feat half a dozen times more. She’s most definitely not a new born baby any longer and I think life is going to get a bit more interesting…


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  1. Amy August 16, 2012 / 11:05 pm

    You bet! It is incredible to watch them discover and learn and grow. We have had first steps this week and I feel so proud, as if my baby is the first to ever do it. I never expected to feel like this, but I get it now…I made her and here she is learning to do all of these incredible things.

    Well done Pip!

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