11 weeks (or, Pip’s second holiday)

Last week, Pip and I went on an adventure by ourselves. We went to stay with my sister and her husbandin Wales for the week, with Marto joining us for the weekend. We had a lovely time, exploring the coast between Fishguard and Aberaeron. For the most part it was rather wet but we did have occasional bouts of hot sunshine at the weekend when we were all there. This allowed us to even have a barbeque at the beach on the Saturday evening where we watched dolphins, looked at a swallows nest and Pip experienced her first fire pit (and having all her clothes smell like a festival).

I honestly don’t remember a summer where I have consistently worn wellies and a sailing jacket. I even had to borrow a body warmer from my sister. Thankfully I took Pip’s bear suit with us, so we were able to walk on the beach and carry on much as we would have done if it were actually summer. The refrain of the week was “this place would be lovely in summer, we must come back”.

I won’t lie; it was harder work looking after the baby by myself all week, even with the support of my sister and her husband. That said, some lovely sea air and just having someone to watch her whilst I was in the shower, was enormously relaxing. Thankfully Pip continued her usual good sleeping routines and her sunny nature wasn’t at all diminished by Marto’s absence, although she was very pleased to see him when we picked him up from the station on the Saturday.
At New Quay looking at the boats

(where Sienna Miller & Keira Knightley filmed An Edge of Love)

First beach barbecue & fire pit

New Quay

Beach lunch on Sunday before catching the train

(with enough sun to be concerned about burning. Yes, there is a baby in there somewhere!)

Baby bear by the sea

Pip with her Auntie exploring an old quarry, parts of which are now used for coasteering.

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