11 months


it seems like Pip has grown up enormously in the last month; heck, even in the last week she’s made huge steps (and not just up stairs). Pip and I have spent the past few days staying with Pip’s Nana & Granddad whilst Daddy has been away in the US, on business. Pip has loved the extra space, the attention and the change.

one of the most notable changes this month is in her eating. she can now hold and use a fork and spoon. she doesn’t always use them but she is capable. she also refuses almost all spoon feeding, preferring to do it herself. she is now pretty much exclusively eating what we are. she still has her rice cakes but we’ve stopped buying almost everything else from the baby aisle (except milk powder. just two more tins to go and then we move onto proper milk). this week alone she has tried several new things including dried apricots, various types of melon, prawns, sausages, ham and a variety of types of cheese. we discovered she loves mushroom quiche (handmade) so I will be making those when we get home.

movement is another milestone; Pip has stood unaided twice in the past couple of days. the first in the bath, of all places. her standing and furniture cruising is becoming much more confident. and when presented with a stair for the first time, she simple escaped up them like she’d been practising for months.


and once again, she’s grown. she’s now pretty much exclusively wearing 12-18 months and we’ve had to buy a lot of new clothes (well, I say new, a lot I won on eBay). we also had her feet measured – size 3 1/2. nicely on track to wear the size 5 saltwater sandals I bought her in a sample sale at the end of last summer!

Pip continues to chatter away to herself, clearly now saying “again” and holding her hand out, tracing one finger on the palm, indicating to Granddad that she’d like ’round and round the garden’ please. she also will read a book, chattering as she does. putting things back *in* things has been another change. it started with a pair of playmobile workmen that sit in the front seat of a digger. she loves to put them back in their seats and load up the dumper truck. we then got hold of some Lego Quatro and she enjoys putting them back in their enormous tub almost as much as I enjoy making robots and elephants out of it. she still finds her socks fascinating, as well as her squeaky Panda. those and her Ikea rats, which she likes to hold by their tail from her mouth as she crawls around.

Pip wears dress, tights and shoe (in mouth) all from Gap.


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