Surviving pregnancy and motherhood

baby 2 | The Little Pip | Little Kin photography

A compilation of some of the more practical posts that I’ve written about pregnancy, birth and motherhood over the past 5 years.

The Little Pip - flowers Cornwall

Birth & what to take to the hospital

The Little Pip | Hospital bag for baby

What to pack in your hospital bag – baby

What to pack in your hospital bag – mum

Newborn & early days

Surviving weeks 1-3 - The Little Pip

Surviving weeks 1 – 3 with a new born: Honest reflections and tips when you are establishing life with a new born and also trying to recover.

Newborn essentials - The Little Pip (1)

Newborn essentials – some of the products I found to be absolutely essential and some tips relating to them, including nappies and other products I wouldn’t want to be without those first few weeks.

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